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Munjal Auto Industries Limited has world class facility of Standard Room well equipped with most advance testing and measuring instruments, metallurgical and chemical labs to carry our regular as well as periodical testing/inspection with 100% accuracy.

Standard Room
  • CMM -4 NO (at all plants)
  • Profile Projector
  • Micro Scope
  • Height Masters
  • Others including Surface Table ,Height gauge ,Bevel Protector ,Micrometer ( Inside/ outside), Verniers etc
Metallurgical Lab
  • Computerized UTM
  • Wickers Hardness Testing
  • Facility of weld penetration Test
  • Weld strength tester
  • Automatic absorption Spectrophotometer.

Chemical Lab
  • Cass Test equipment
  • Salt Spray testing
  • Hot bath chamber
  • Heat Resistance Testing
  • Humidity Resistance testing
  • Water Emerson resistance Testing
  • Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer
  • PH Checking
Specialized Testing facilities & Endurance Testing

We at Munjal Auto carry out online / off line testing regularly & periodically. To meet ultimate demand of customers we have endurance testing facilities with specially developed equipments & SPMs to meet Quality standard, Durability & specifications given by customers. Our testing labs has appropriate testing facility for exhaust system, Wheel Rims, Fuel tanks & other parts & assemblies made in-house.

Testing Facility for Exhaust systems
  • On Line /Offline Testing
  • Muffler leak Test
  • Sound Testing
  • Weld Quality Test for bead, penetration & Strength.
  • Paint Resistance test using Muffler furnace , Humidity bath , Hatch test, Dry film & Wet film thickness tests
Testing Facility for Wheel Rims
  • Online Testing
  • Wheel rim run out measuring and low point marking SPM
  • But Weld joint air leak test
  • Offline Testing
  • Corner fatigue tester
  • Radial fatigue tester
  • Flange bend Strength tester (Impact resistance )
  • Weld strength tester
  • Butt weld joint air leak Testing
  • Rim profile Projector
Testing Facility for Fuel Tanks
  • Online Testing
  • Leakage Test ( after welding & assembly)
  • Off line testing (periodically)
  • Pressure & Vacuum Cycle Test
  • Vacuum Holding test
  • Hydro pressure Test
  • Impulse Cycle Test
  • Venting Tip angle Test
  • Slosh Test ( Half Full & Full)
  • Vibration Test
  • Overturn Test
  • Salt spray Test With Chamber Size (1400X 800X1000)
  • Volume Test
  • Millipore Contamination Test
  • Nugget Test
  • Seam strength Test.
Testing facility for Spoke Wheel Rim
  • Run-out test
  • CASS Test
  • Load test
  • Profile test
  • Weld strength test



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