Steel Structure Manufactueing Line

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At MAIL we manufacture 500 nos of complete seat structure of passenger Car daily & have total capacity of 1500 nos assemblies per day .Seat structure assemblies are manufactured with advance technology and most modern equipments,toolings ,Jigs & pneumatic fixtures. We ensure best quality of the product through various process, inspections & testing methods.

C N C Bending
  • Bending of Pipes with 4 axes CNC Machine (YLM) with capacity of pipe bending up to 30 mm & Thickness 2 mm.
  • Max bending angle -190 degree & CLR -180 mm with Max mandrel working distance -2000 mm
  • Presently Sizes of Pipe used up to OD 25.40 mm & Thickness (1.5 mm).

  • Presses from 18 Tons to 100 Tons.
  • Mitering
  • End flattening
  • Tube diameter  expansion

  • Drilling
  • Grinding
Welding & sub-assembly
  • Mig welding with Latest Machines

Online Testing
  • Gauging & welding Inspection

Pre Treatment & Surface Coating
  • Pre treatment  with 9 Tank System
  • Powder Coating
  • Fitting of Rubber BOPs
  • Fitting of seat recliners



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