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At Munjal Auto Industries Limited we are determine to remain at front line with best customer services with competitive cost and quality products through appropriate infrastructure, advance development and manufacturing practices.

The Munjal Auto Industries Limited manufacturing infrastructure is set up to most advance skill, techniques of development and producing custom tailored time scheduled products by advance enterprise concept, engineering systems, manufacturing process and globally accepted testing methods.

Stamping Facility

Munjal Auto Industries Limited has a wide range of presses ranges from 10 – 1000 TON supplied by world-renowned press manufacturers. The Hydraulic presses ranges from 25 – 160 TON and Mechanical presses from 40 – 1000 TON. Best manufacturing and maintenance practices used to ensure repeatability of its press components. Munjal Auto has approximately 60 NO of presses.

Roll Forming

Munjal Auto Industries Limited has high tech-roll forming facility equipped with various types of SPMs. Spoke Rims are made on imported automated rolling mills. Steel Wheel Rims for 2/4 wheelers are formed with Multi Stage Rim Roll Forming SPMs. High quality roll forming tools is used to maintain consistency and quality.

CNC Tube Bending

Munjal Auto Industries Limited has advance facility of tube bending equipped with single axis, 3 Axis & 4 Axis CNC bending supplied by world renowned manufactures including YLM, Korea. For more complicated tubular parts of Exhaust Systems, customized semi auto and fully automatic special purpose machines carrying out pipe bending. A vast range of tubular parts and assemblies like complete seat structure of passenger car, fuel tank breather tube made on these machines.

Welding Facility

All the Plants are well equipped with excellent facility of welding with high level of Automation. Our various manufacturing lines have Spot-welding, Butt-welding, Projection-welding, Seam-welding, MIG welding, TIG welding and SUS-welding. Our high skilled technicians are maintaining efficient, accurate, consistent quality welding with use of latest programmable logic Control System. Highly critical profiles welded through automated special purpose robotic welding machines to maintain high quality standard and large volume of reliable product.

Surface Treatment

Munjal Auto Industries Limited has state-of-art surface treatment facility with pre-treatment facility to provide customer specified surface protection. All the Plants have shot blasting facility and total six number of automated heat resistance painting shops. Our Waghodia Plant has 32 Stage Tri-nickel chrome coating Plants (2NO), wet on wet painting (1NO) and automatic Powder Coating Plant with nine Tank pre-treatment systems. In addition to this, a state-of-art ED coating facility is under progress.

We use electrostatic painting spray gun with advance technology ensuring minimal wastage of paint and efficient paint transfer. Our all-painting lines are eco –friendly. A team of expert is continuously working on appropriate conservation of environment.



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