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Munjal Auto is a diversified engineering group comprising of manufacturing activity in Sheet Metal and Composite, Molds, Components and Assemblies. We manufacture various components and assemblies for industries like Automotive, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defence, Space, Railways, and other engineering sectors.

Some of the key products include:

  • 2 & 4 Wheeler Exhaust Muffler, Fuel tank, Rims, BIW parts for automotive.
  • Wind mill blades, molds and other parts for wind energy.

The group has an expertise in Manufacturing and its key strengths lie in Quality and Technology.

The group is comprised of 2 companies:

  1. Munjal Auto Industries – Manufacturing Sheet Metal molds, components and assemblies.
  2. Indutch Composites Technology – Manufacturing Composite molds, components and assemblies.

The Group has its plants in Vadodara (Wagohdia, Manjusar, Halol), Haridwar, Dharuhera, Bawal and Chennai.

Munjal Auto Group has a combined turnover of USD 170 Million and employs a total of more than 3500 associates.

Our vision is to be a leading player in the engineering industry, supplying proprietary components and assemblies to OEMs and Direct to market. We are poised to grow at 20 % per anum.

Indutch Composites

Indutch Composites Technology Limited is serving the composite industry since 2010.

The company is into Design and Manufacturing of Composite Moulds and components using various processes such as:

  • Wet lay-up,
  • Dry lay-up
  • Vacuum bagging,
  • LRTM

Indutch has the capabilities to design and manufacture moulds and products for various Engineering industries such as Auto, Defence, Railways, Aviation, Space, Marine, Home appliances, mass transit, just to name a few.

Today Wind sector is the core business at Indutch.

Indutch has 4 manufacturing facilities

  • Chennai
  • Manjusar
  • Halol
  • Waghodia (Under Construction)

We have employed around 700 hands on skilled technicians and 70 Engineers.

We have also capability to design the composite mould and other product handling jigs and fixtures in house.

At Indutch we are coming up with a new facility which will be operational in the first half of 2019.

The facility shall include:

  • 160 *30*12 meter shed with 20 ton EOT crane for pattern and mould making, with temperature and dust control.
  • 80*20*10 meter shed for Defence and Aerospace products, with clean room and dust extraction.
  • 5 Axis milling machine 52m*10m*4.5m from CMS Italy.
  • Testing lab for incoming and finished product testing.
  • NDT C-scan equipment
  • Laser tracking equipment
  • Auto clave, 2 m dia x 3m length
  • Paint Booth 10 m x 3 m x 3m
  • Class 8 clean room of 12mx 10m x 3m(ht)
  • Industrial oven
  • Freezer for storage of Pre-pregs
  • Certificates targeted in 2019:
    • ISO 9001(2015)
    • ISO 14001 and OSHA
    • AS 9100

With above infra and equipment augmentation we can make:

  • Moulds for wind blades
  • Boat Hull
  • Aircraft fuselage and wings
  • Helicopter rotor blades
  • Ship propellers
  • Armour vehicles/ equipment
  • Shelters
  • Antennas.


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