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Munjal Auto Industries Limited (MAIL) is a leading auto component manufacturing company in India producing:

  • Exhaust Systems Complete
  • Spoke Rim
  • Steel Wheel Rim
  • Fuel Tank for
  • BIW parts
  • Other Engineering/Automotive assemblies

MAIL have technical collaboration with LAFRANCONI ITALY for DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and SUPPLY of exhaust systems for Two Wheeler Industries. The company holds the pride of being among the largest manufacturer of the Exhaust Systems in the world, manufacturing close to 32,000 Exhausts per day.

The company also has a technical collaboration with Samsung Industries Ltd. of Korea for DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and manufacture of Fuel Tanks for Four Wheelers. Besides the company produces more than 10,000 Spoke Rims for motorcycles and Steel Wheel Rim every day.



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