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At Munjal Auto Industries Limited, we have state-of-art Steel Wheel Rim manufacturing plant to manufacture Wheel Rim sizes from 10” to 14” for 2/3/4 wheelers. Rims manufactured with latest technology and most advanced equipment is including automated SPMs. The detailed facilities are as follows:

Disc Manufacturing
  • Blanking , Piercing, Trimming, Forming etc using Mechanical presses ranging from 40 – 400 TON
  • Hydraulic presses ranging from 25 – 160 TON

Rim Manufacturing
  • Coiling and flattening
  • Butt welding (AC Flash)
  • Trimming/Planishing
  • Edge nipping cum re-rounding
  • Flaring
  • Profile forming (3 Stage)
  • Expanding/Sizing
  • Rim/Disc assembly
  • Multi-spindle spot welding
  • 4-Torch MIG welding

Testing Facility
  • Online Testing :- Run out measuring, low point marking & Weld joint air leak test
  • Offline Testing :- Corner fatigue tester , Radial fatigue tester, Flange bend Strength tester, Butt weld joint air leak Testing, Rim profile test etc.

Pretreatment and Painting
  • Nine stage pre treatment, phosphating line.
  • Three coat wet-on-wet painting and oven baking plant.
  • CED painting facility (under progress)



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